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Congratulations to NetworkNature EU and Victoria Blessing

Congratulations to NetworkNature EU and Victoria Blessing for publishing a guide on how to start and run a #NBS business.

Well organized and just what we need to help advance #ecosystemrestoration and make it self-sustaining!

Advice on how to take advantage of the business opportunities presented by the need for #NBE and #NBS.

Thanks to joint efforts of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum with Biodiversa+, IUCN, Oppla and ICLEI. Working together makes the difference!

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Looking forward to the Eu Green Week - Big Week for Biodiversity and Freshwater Restoration!

All around Europe policymakers, environmentalists and stakeholders of all stripes will gather to debate the latest projects and challenges of the EU Green Deal.

Join one (or more!) of the #freshwater events going on:

  1. June 5th at 15:oo CEST Merlin is  hosting: State of European freshwaters - Restoration needs and potentials.
    Paulo Branco, University Lisbon, will talk about using River Restoration Units  to analyze EU Directive compliance. The webinar will also focus on how considering ecosystem services co-benefits can optimize restoration potential to guide large-scale freshwater management decisions.
    ➡️More information at: 
  2. June 5th at 16:30-18:oo CEST International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) is hosting: Capacity of the Youth and International Organisations Towards Partnership, Cooperation and Environmental Protection to Accelerate SDGs!
    How can international organizations engage and support youth led initiatives to accelerate progress towards the SDGs.
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  3. And check out the 263 Partner events that will surround the official EU Green Week conference on June 6th – 7th in Brussels, Belgium.  The conference itself is available live at 


The Partner Events map shows what is going on and where – probably something near you!
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Do you know about other events on freshwater ecosystems restoration?
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#Make_Nature_Count – an online webinar May 24th from the Netherlands Foundation for Sustainable development was a brilliant tour de force from Dolf de Groot. Vince van t' Hoff and Victoria Guisado Goni among others.

They have taken the concept of ecosystem services valuation and made it real through collating, analyzing, classifying and reporting thousands of ecosystem services valuation studies from around the world.
Their database, collects all these valuation studies, analyzes them, standardizes them and makes it easy for restoration proposers and funders to compare values of the ecosystem services that can be provided by restoration with alternative scenarios. Their methodology preserves the full breath of context-driven valuations and provides a good foundation for funders, #biodiversity policy makers and restorationist to find country, service and biome specific data and even get the original studies to check details and context if they want.
They have almost 3000 studies from Europe alone!   And the new interface and upgrade they introduced to include updated classification systems and standardize over 70% of the studies on a single baseline scale are really user friendly, especially with their mapping tool.
 Kudos to the Dutch government, represented by Franc van der Steen for financing the system and keeping it open for free public access. A clear showcase for how and public of how developing foundational data can help Europe restore its
 What a resource for freshwater ecosystem restoration practitioners and funders! A clear showcase for initiatives that make a real difference and advance freshwater ecosystem restoration in Europe.

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Does Nature have a Right to water?

It is easy to recognize a customer’s rights when they pay for services and goods.
Even the rights of the Non-paying customers like our children, family and friends…
What about the “customer rights” of Nature? Who champions Nature’s rights?
We are seeing increasing litigation on behalf of Nature and legislation to establish Nature’s rights..

But then what? Law is one thing…implementation is another ballgame!

Ecologist Avi Uzan has spent his career making Water for Nature doable and real.
In a country where the Water Law legislated who had the rights to water resources, once Nature was put on the list, it took leadership and collaboration to build the framework and tools to implement Nature’s right to water.
His journey is a Showcase on how to build the foundation for freshwater restoration from scratch and achieve #Eflows in freshwater ecosystems on a national level: gathering data, persuading government officials, collaborating with his colleagues at Israel Nature and Parks Authority Parks Authority, The Israel Water Authority and The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Ministry of Environmental as well as other stakeholders, leveraging opportunities, perseverance and resilience.

Look for more on his journey, and his advice on how to get it done, coming soon at 
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It takes more than a proposal – even a funded one – to turn around a river basin.

Look at the Danube River Basin – shared by 19 countries – and degraded by unsustainable exploitation, pollution, and climate change. Various restoration projects attack different aspects… how can they be more successful?

That was the focus of Helmut Habersack when he participated in a panel at the EU Horizon Europe Mission: Restore our Oceans and Waters by 2030 Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse Launching Event in Bucharest earlier this month.  
As a leader in the DANUBE4all ~ EU Project project and a partner in EcoAdvance (Horizon Europe), he shared insights on making projects successful and how success may be different under different climate, cultural and ecological conditions. EcoAdvance is identifying the key factors that contribute to the success of freshwater ecosystem restoration initiatives – and how they may be different in different EU countries.

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#freshwaterecosystemrestoration #Danubelighthouse #danube4all #EcoDali

Supporting freshwater ecosystem restoration: A new application using data already acquired!

There are many ways to manage a freshwater ecosystem, and a team at the University of Malta has tested an ingenious way that could have significant applications beyond the first successful experiments they are completing this month.
Using standard #seismic data that most Member States collect routinely, they can evaluate the state of their aquifers. They analyse the ambient seismic noise to understand the changes in the groundwater level. One key advantage of this method is that they can analyse decades of seismic data to possibly see the impacts of climate change on the supply of drinking water and how to weigh the tradeoffs between current aquifer recharge, environmental constraints, saltwater intrusion and potential aquifer contamination. 
The team Prof. Sebastiano D'Amico, Prof. Pauline Galea , and Dr Matthew Agius, has lots of ideas for further developments and are interested in being in touch with others who have experience or interest in this innovative pathway.
Another Showcase of PEOPLE working to advance freshwater ecosystem restoration – funded by The Energy and Water Agency, working together with national governments to help science service policy.
Join them at – where focus is on the PEOPLE making a difference!

What makes “success” when it comes to #FreshwaterEcosystemRestoration?

The Ecosystem services approach and natural cost accounting is helping quantify success by translating costs and benefits into monetary terms.

Is that the best measure?

Prof. Jerry Davis (Prof. of Business Administration and Sociology at the University of Michigan) suggests we might be in a better place if we don’t allow Finance to be the master metaphor for how we view the world.

So while we champion progress in considering ecosystem services provided by our environment in monetary terms, let’s ask ourselves: Does further "financializing" our environment allow us to ignore meeting human needs that can't be quantified in Euros?”

How do YOU measure success?

Let us know!

Share your ideas in the comments below???? Tag someone you consider a success who is contributing to freshwater restoration in your country.

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This week the #SELINAworkshop is taking place in Bulgaria!

SELINA (Horizon Europe) has just started its workshop focusing on seeds of change.

Seeds of change are examples of successful and innovative projects and initiatives integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services at a systemic level. The aim of SELINA is to find and connect such seeds of change so they trigger transformative change.
An example from the workshop – the cooling effect of green surfaces on urban heat islands, caused by artificial surfaces, is being measured with measuring heat radiation with a drone!
EcoAdvance (Horizon Europe) is trying something similar by finding and connecting examples of successful and innovative freshwater ecosystem restoration projects and identifying the people who make difference in their countries and enable success in #FreshwaterRestoration.
Ildikó Arany (Centre for Ecological Research, Hungary), participating in the SELINA workshop will be integrating the two thinking processes and leveraging both approaches to bring the greening of Europe into focus.
Looking forward to the last 2 days of the workshop!
Learn more about the workshop and the SELINA project: 

Alert! Coming up next week!

Global Water Summit happens in New York at the UN!

It's an opportunity to merge with the power of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and the world-wide effort to push serious accountability for lofty restoration goals.
Organized by the University of Évora, the Society for Ecological Restoration and Water4All.

You can join right from your desk!                                                        
The focus is on building synergies with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
It's an opportunity to be heard in the interactive audience dialog.

Hear the voices of Europe: Panagiotis Balabanis, Helge Elisabeth Zeitler, Noémie PLUMIER, Ana Mendes

People who are making a difference and creating successes.
But how will the words translate into action?
Register to join!
March 23, 2:00 pm (NY time zone): 

#FreshwaterRestoration #UNWater