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The recovery of European freshwater biodiversity has come to a halt

Astonishing Consensus and Call to action from 96 #freshwater leaders in Europe including Peter Haase, Ellen A. R. Welti Florian Altermatt, roberta bottarin, Miguel Cañedo-Argüelles, Thibault DATRY, Gerald Dörflinger, Vesela Evtimova, and Iakovos Tziortzis.

What do you think? Is that how you see EU progress in freshwater restoration? Join the conversation! 

Stockholm World Water Week is coming up fast in person AND online!

This year’s theme, Seeds of Change: 'Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World' has 3 important sessions on Freshwater ecosystem restoration, and it is not a moment too soon, with Freshwater Ecosystems suffering disproportionately around the world.

Thanks to campaigns by leading environmentalists, inland waters are now explicitly included in the Global Biodiversity Framework. But here’s the big challenge: Join August 20th at 14:00 (Sweden time) with Mariana Nava from Mexico to focus on implementation and how it can be accomplished. Hear from experts from around the world what a successful GBF implementation for inland waters will take: Join Session 10903, Multi-sectoral opportunities for freshwater outcomes in the Global Biodiversity Framework to learn about the new tools, datasets, guidance in development.

It is easy to register and on-line attendance is free: 

Don’t have time to go through the whole program to find the Freshwater-relevant sessions? Check back on this page to find out what else is happening…

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