EcoAdvance European Project

We are launching!

If you are interested in #FreshwaterRestoration — we need your ideas!

EcoAdvance (Horizon Europe) is a coordination and support action project designed to identify and showcase successful freshwater restoration projects and the people who made them successful in each of the Member States.
It’s a non-traditional, people and community focused project –
It's freshwater restoration from the perspectives of the people who did it, the scientists whose research blazed the way, the communities who changed their neighborhoods and the public officials who have championed getting it done.
How do we quantify –or even understand – return on investment and success in freshwater restoration? Clearly #ecosystemservices is an important methodology. But is it all in the numbers?

Join the conversation! Help identify the people and projects who have made freshwater restoration successful in your country.
Let’s talk about what drives success in freshwater restoration.

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