EcoAdvance European Project

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How we use your data:

We will use your survey information alongside that of other consultees to try and identify common factors that facilitate successful freshwater restoration projects - and hence by default also common issues that may tend to hinder projects. We will look to see if there are common issues across all respondents, and also if there are variations related to geographic regions, , climate, governance, culture etc.

From analysis of this data we will draft our Prone2Sucess checklist, intended as an aid to those stakeholders currently implementing or planning to implement new restoration projects.

At the end of the survey there is an opportunity to provide your contact details. If you do so, we will share details of the survey results back with you upon completion of the work. There is also an opportunity for you to propose details of potential Showcases, in which case we will contact you back to discuss. Any information that you share with us will be for use under the EcoAdvance project programme only. It will not be shared with any other groups or actions unless your express permission is given. Details of our data management processes can be found under the EcoAdvance Privacy Policy