EcoAdvance European Project

The EcoAdvance Project Consortium is undertaking a wide programme of consultation through which it seeks to identify what makes successful ecosystem restoration projects – both in terms of people and best practices.

Key outcomes from this work will be:

(i) A Prone2Sucess checklist - guidance on factors found to help restoration projects succeed

(ii) Showcasing of different projects - all considered successful for different reasons - drawn from across all EU member states

These outcomes are intended to provide practical help to all stakeholders planning, implementing and managing restoration projects.

If you have undertaken a freshwater restoration project and would like to share your advice, and potentially showcase your project, we would love to hear from you!  

If you are part of the stakeholder chain - from concept through implementation to performance appraisal, and have recommendations to share, we would love to hear from you!

There are different ways to participate; Select any or all of the options below to participate. You will need to register some simple contact information before completing any of the survey options.

Register Register your information to receive news and participate in the project surveys
Quick Survey Give some quick feedback via a 2 min survey
Main Survey - Personal Experience Give more detailed feedback about your experience and recommendations for future practitioners via a 10-15 min survey
Main Survey - Project Experience Give feedback and experiences based upon project(s) that you have worked on (5-10 min survey)


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