EcoAdvance European Project

This week the #SELINAworkshop is taking place in Bulgaria!

SELINA (Horizon Europe) has just started its workshop focusing on seeds of change.

Seeds of change are examples of successful and innovative projects and initiatives integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services at a systemic level. The aim of SELINA is to find and connect such seeds of change so they trigger transformative change.
An example from the workshop – the cooling effect of green surfaces on urban heat islands, caused by artificial surfaces, is being measured with measuring heat radiation with a drone!
EcoAdvance (Horizon Europe) is trying something similar by finding and connecting examples of successful and innovative freshwater ecosystem restoration projects and identifying the people who make difference in their countries and enable success in #FreshwaterRestoration.
Ildikó Arany (Centre for Ecological Research, Hungary), participating in the SELINA workshop will be integrating the two thinking processes and leveraging both approaches to bring the greening of Europe into focus.
Looking forward to the last 2 days of the workshop!
Learn more about the workshop and the SELINA project: 

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