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Supporting freshwater ecosystem restoration: A new application using data already acquired!

There are many ways to manage a freshwater ecosystem, and a team at the University of Malta has tested an ingenious way that could have significant applications beyond the first successful experiments they are completing this month.
Using standard #seismic data that most Member States collect routinely, they can evaluate the state of their aquifers. They analyse the ambient seismic noise to understand the changes in the groundwater level. One key advantage of this method is that they can analyse decades of seismic data to possibly see the impacts of climate change on the supply of drinking water and how to weigh the tradeoffs between current aquifer recharge, environmental constraints, saltwater intrusion and potential aquifer contamination. 
The team Prof. Sebastiano D'Amico, Prof. Pauline Galea , and Dr Matthew Agius, has lots of ideas for further developments and are interested in being in touch with others who have experience or interest in this innovative pathway.
Another Showcase of PEOPLE working to advance freshwater ecosystem restoration – funded by The Energy and Water Agency, working together with national governments to help science service policy.
Join them at – where focus is on the PEOPLE making a difference!

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