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Does Nature have a Right to water?

It is easy to recognize a customer’s rights when they pay for services and goods.
Even the rights of the Non-paying customers like our children, family and friends…
What about the “customer rights” of Nature? Who champions Nature’s rights?
We are seeing increasing litigation on behalf of Nature and legislation to establish Nature’s rights..

But then what? Law is one thing…implementation is another ballgame!

Ecologist Avi Uzan has spent his career making Water for Nature doable and real.
In a country where the Water Law legislated who had the rights to water resources, once Nature was put on the list, it took leadership and collaboration to build the framework and tools to implement Nature’s right to water.
His journey is a Showcase on how to build the foundation for freshwater restoration from scratch and achieve #Eflows in freshwater ecosystems on a national level: gathering data, persuading government officials, collaborating with his colleagues at Israel Nature and Parks Authority Parks Authority, The Israel Water Authority and The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Ministry of Environmental as well as other stakeholders, leveraging opportunities, perseverance and resilience.

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