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Opportunity to network with the foremost leaders in River Restoration

Don’t miss probably the best – and for some the first - 3 day immersion and post-pandemic person-to-person opportunity to network with the foremost leaders in River Restoration.
The notion behind the Scientific Advances in River Restoration (SARR) conference – 6th – 8th September 2023, University of Liverpool, is to galvanize and strengthen the River Restoration community. It is an opportunity to integrate what we know with what we are learning about river restoration: latest scientific advancements, applying tools and frameworks to new projects, refining tools we have and developing new ones to confront the challenges of a changing landscape.

For example, Yaron Hershkovitz, PhD will help launch the opening day Plenary with his talk "Applying DPSIR as a framework for an integrated catchment-scale management: the Tzipori stream (Israel) as a model" will detail some of the key challenges for achieving good ecological state in a heavily utilized agricultural landscape, under multiple pressures.
The UK River Restoration Centre (RRC) curated the agenda from a holistic perspective to include sessions with speakers from 20 countries covering topics from bioengineering to soils and carbon to geomorphology, social policy, flooding, monitoring, social partnerships and everything in between, with lots of networking opportunities. The opening plenary is a good illustration. In addition to Herskovitz, it includes:

Connectivity as a framework for analysis of strategies and effects of restoration in fluvial systems (Janet Hooke, University of Liverpool) ;
Music and River Regeneration: Indigenous and ecomusicological perspectives on songs, water and knowledge (Victor Kinjo, University of São Paulo, New York University)
Lots of reports on case studies too, like:
➡️ Robert Grabowski, Cranfield University - The actors of river restoration in Romania: a network perspective.
➡️ Roey Egozi, Soil Erosion Research Station - Process based restoration of agriculture streams in Israel: Facing the reality, Nahalal stream case study

The conference is put together by the RRC, a not-for-profit advice and information organization in the UK, which helps support and enable river restoration.

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