EcoAdvance European Project

#NatureForLife Hub, November 7-9

The world is in the midst of unprecedented planetary crises, and urgency is paramount. To address biodiversity loss and mitigate the severe impacts of #ClimateChange, ambitious action is needed - without delay.

Freshwater Ecosystem Restoration is Key – which is why we at EcoAdvance (Horizon Europe) are joining forces with UNDP at the #NatureForLife Hub, November 7-9.

We will be part of their series of transformative events. Our presentation focuses on individuals making an impact – it can be done. Each of us can play a part.

Hear people who have done it and do it every day: Avi Uzan, Shiri Firdman Carme Machí Castañer; Savvas Zotos; Mark Horton MBE. Together, we'll explore ways to reshape and restore our relationship with nature.

Now is the time to act. Together, let's forge a sustainable future.
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