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Kick-off meeting of DALIA!

(Danube Region Water Lighthouse Action; Topic: HORIZON-MISS-2021-OCEAN-02-02)

The DALIA project shows how much PEOPLE MAKE A DIFFERENCE when it comes to success in #FreshwaterRestoration.

EcoAdvance (Horizon Europe) Partner Zuzana Boukalova addresses 9 demonstration sites from Danube basin region, keen to discuss the multidisciplinary approaches leading to the successful restoration of the Danube catchment environment and the approaches needed to improve the restoration of fresh and transitional water ecosystems.

WHAT projects and scientific research has made a difference in your country?

To join and share with us WHO YOU THINK makes a difference to freshwater restoration: 

@Marton Pesel (coordinator of DALIA) – thank you for a wonderful meeting!

Learn more about the DALIA project: 

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